New Laws

The TBDC helps your business understand all the new state and federal laws and information that affect Texas business owners.

The law are always changing, do you know how the affect you?

State and fedaral Laws are always changing and some have a direct effect on the health of your business, some save your business money, others provide for new guidelines for small business lending. No matter what they changes the TBDC will alwys keep you informed.

Durbin Amendment - Debit Rates .12 cents

U.S. Sen. Richard J. Durbin and introduced in 2010, proposed to restrict these interchange fees, which averaged 44 cents per transaction based on 1 to 3% of the transaction amount, to 12 cents per transaction.


$500,000 Business Cash in 7 Days

To help the economy grow new non traditional loans and cash advances have been made available. With credit not an issue and no personal guarantee required you can receive uo to $5mm in just days.

$7.2 Billion Dollar Visa + MC Settlement

The Government proved the banks conspired to fix credit and debit card use fees. Business owners accepting credit cards may have money coming from the settlement but need to opt in before the deadline.


EMV Terminals Required by Oct 2015

The US courts have mandated that all businesses update thier terminals to EMV compliant, the ones that have a smart card chip in them or the business owner (you) will be liable for any fraud.