Free Services Offered

Texas Businesses today need to use services that sometimes may cost thier b, the TBDC can help, below are some of the itatis quasi architecto beatae vitaedic

We have several programs that can help your business...


The TBDC works hard to help with your Texas registered business with verything it takes to open and operate a buiness in the great state of Texas, below are a few of our most poular services and programs we are always adding more free sevices.

  • Start Accepting Credit Cards - EMV Terminal No Cost

    Now your registered Texas business can accept credit cards with free equipment, no contract, no set up fees and wholesale rates.

    • New EMV terminal supplied free, at no cost to you ever adn free shipping
    • No contract, hidden, annual or cancellation fee and no cost at all to get started
    • Save thousands on the cost to accept credit cards at your business
  • Lower Your Processing Costs 80% - EMV Terminal - Free

    Have you ever felt you were paying more than you should to accept credit cards? Well your right and the government agrees and has passed new laws that lower you costs.

    • Lower your current cost by 80% and debit cards to a flat 0.12 cents
    • New cost plus pricing with no more contracts or cancellation fees
    • New laws eliminate hidden and annual fees and require cost plus pricing
  • UpTo $1,000,000 Fast Business Capital In Just 7 Days

    The laws and guidelines for business capital has changed, now it is easier than ever for a Texas business to receive fast cash to help grow your business.

    • Credit is no longer a requirement, health of business is deciding factor now
    • No personal guarantee required, tax returns and financials not nessasary
    • Fast application process with a fast approval within days
  • $7.2 Billion Dollar Visa + MC Settlement

    All businesses that have accepted credit and/or debit cards in the US anytime from and after January 1, 2004 qualify to get part of this $7 billion dollar settlement.

    • Now is the time to OPT in and it is a requirement for payment
    • We help manage the entire recovery process for you
    • It's your money, why not get it?